Anthropology as a department in Cotton University (erstwhile Cotton College) was established for the first time in Northeast India on the 15th December 1947 under the initiative of the Late Gopinath Bordoloi. Late Prof. Mohendra Nath Saloi was the founder Head of the department. Many renowned anthropologists like Prof. B.M. Das, Prof. Sashidhar Goswami, Prof. Hari Prasad Mishra, etc served the department in different capacities. The Department is engaged in running Higher Secondary, Undergraduate, Post-Graduate & Ph.D. courses in Anthropology. The Department is involved in various research activities both at the individual and departmental level since its inception. It also houses the Anthropological Museum.

Recent Publications

  • Educative Role of Folktale in the Life of the Biate of Dima Hasao District, Journal
    Publish by: Journal of the Indian Anthropological Society
    Publish on: 15-June-2021

  • Role Conflict and Accommodation in the Hmar Household, Journal
    Publish by: Antrocom Journal of Anthropology, 16-2 (2020): 315-325. December 2020
    Publish on: 07-December-2020

  • Caste, Gender and Education among the Harijans of Guwahati City, Journal
    Publish by: PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/ Egytology, 17(7): 14837-14847
    Publish on: 20-November-2020

  • Shifting Cultivation Local Local Government, Indigenous Knowledge And Natural Resource Management: An Anthropological Investigation in Nagaland, Book
    Publish by: Research India Press: New Delhi
    Publish on: 15-July-2020

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