Courses run by the Department:

a. Higher Secondary Course in Anthropology

b. Undergraduate Course in Anthropology: The Department offers Major and Elective Courses in Anthropology for both BA and BSc.

The Bachelor’s degree is based on Choice Based Credit System.

c.  Post-Graduate Course in Anthropology: The existing Master’s degree program is based on semester system following Choice Based Credit System. The first two semesters includes an introduction to all the branches of Anthropology, giving an orientation to the core courses of the subject. Besides giving an orientation to theory and methodology in Anthropology, students in Second Semester are required to conduct at the least 15 days of ethnographic fieldwork. The findings of this fieldwork are submitted in the form of a report to the department. 

The last two semesters alongwith common core papers in major sub branches of Anthropology, finds the students engaged in a thorough reading and learning in the specialised branches- Social-Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology and Prehistoric Archaeology. At the end of the Semester, the students are required to submit a Dissertation based on the fieldwork conducted during the semester. Conduct of fieldwork and writing of Dissertation is compulsory in all the three major specialisations to obtain Master degree.

d.  PhD Program: The Department offers PhD program in all the three specialisations.