slno Department Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/Non-Government) Year Funds sanctioned (INR in lakhs) Duration of the project
1 Anthropology Change of Livelihoods among the Fisherman of Khetri: Study if Four Fishing Villages of Assam Dr. Chandana Sarma Cotton University In House 2022 50,000 1
2 Anthropology CPRHE/ NIEPA Research Project College Readiness and Students Success in Higher Education in India Dr. Nidhi S Sabharwal CRPHE/NIEPA, New Delhi Government 2022 400000 3
3 Anthropology ICSSR Special Call for Studies Focusing on Social Science Dimensions of Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic Dr. Teresa L Khawzawl ICSSR Government 2021 3.000 10 Months
4 Anthropology Minor Research Project Scheme Dr. Tiluttama Baruah ICSSR Government 2019 4.000 1 Year
5 Anthropology To Study the Microbial Impact on the Archaeological Monuments of Assam Dr. Jonali Devi Cotton University In House 2019 50,000 1
6 Anthropology NER-BPMC, DBT Title: Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency among three Tribes of Assam, India and Its Significance for Antimalarial Therapy Dr. Maishnam Rustam Singh & Dr. Malay B Mukherjee DBT Government 2018 24, 77340/- 3